Who wouldn’t Love Pasta?

Pasta is an extremely popular dish. You can see it being served in restaurants and even home cook as well.

It may be a bit confusing to choose the right type of pasta for a dish when you are the one cooking.

This is true particularly when you are at the market and trying to make up your mind.

Due to the fact that there is plethora of pasta types available at supermarkets, it becomes a challenge for someone to select the right shape. Starting from penne to the not so heard of conchiglie, the following paragraphs are going to serve a brief guide on the varying pasta type. This will be a big help in deciding which one to use on your next dish.


You can easily spot a penne pasta due to its cylindrical shape. The shape makes it easier to prepare with sauces such as arrabbiata, pesto and the likes. In Italy, this pasta is made in 2 major variants and these are

  1. Penne Lisce or Smooth and;
  2. Penne Rigate or Furrowed

You can find them effortlessly in grocery stores or supermarkets.


Ahhhhh… who would not know about this very popular type of pasta. It is thin, long and strand-like shape. It’s basically the staple food of a traditional Italian cooking. Spaghetti pasta is produced from water and milled wheat and at times, it’s enriched with minerals and vitamins for a healthier and heartier meal.

There are wide varieties of pasta dishes that are using spaghetti and are served usually with some meat or veggies and tomato sauce.


This is another pasta variety that has a twisted and short shape. Fusilli is derived from the word “Fuso” which means spindle. It’s because by tradition, it’s spun by means of rolling and pressing a small rod over thin strips of pasta in order to wind them around in a corkscrew shape.


This normally has an elbow-shape. Macaroni is frequently cut in short lengths and made from durum wheat. There are home machines that can make macaroni shapes but like any other shapes of pasta, macaroni is commercially produced. It’s made in different styles and the most popular being Mac n’ Cheese. It’s perfect for virtually any occasion be it a party or just casual talks with your loved ones on adjustable beds.