Ordering from a Fancy Italian Restaurant like a True Italian

So, you are planning to eat at a fancy and renowned Italian restaurant or planning to taste authentic Italian meals. If that’s the case, then you should know the proper way of ordering your meals correctly. Fortunately, there are countless of Italian restaurants that do organize their menu accordingly. This is to assist their customers.

Ready to Order Your First Dish?

When placing an order, these are the steps to follow.

Step 1: Ask for Bottled Water or Wine

At meals, it is fairly common to get wine to drink or water. Majority of Italian restaurants have sparkling and flat bottled water but never tap water.

They certainly have sparkling, red and white wines for your convenience as well.

Step 2: Start Your Course with Antipasti

In Italy, Antipasti or antipasta simply means “before meal”. This is much like an appetizer and typically includes cured cheeses, meats, olives, fried veggies or even toasted bread with tomatoes otherwise known as bruschetta.

Step 3. Order Your First Course

Usually, this is pasta which is followed by a soup, risotto or pasta that you can find in Primo section.

Step 4. Order Your Second Course

After pasta, you will likely order fish, poultry or red meat as your second course. More often than not, this does not have sides.

Step 5. Ask for Dessert

Also called as Dolchi, you will certainly be offered with dessert by the end of your meal. This is normally a fruit selection but sweets like tiramisu is also part of the menu.