Camping Cooking Ideas: What To Cook On A Camping Trip?

The camping kitchen for families looks different than at home. That’s why you can’t necessarily cook the same dishes as at home when cooking outdoors. Also, not everyone has electricity or cooling with them. But it doesn’t always have to be canned ravioli, pasta with tomato sauce, and baguette with cheese. There are so many ways to cook fresh, quick, and easy on the go.

Safety tip: Just like with any other activity, always bring with you a first aid kit for your camping trip. You can purchase a complete first aid kit and other camping needs from Ballachy. The website has tons of product reviews so that you know the best camping gear to bring with you.

Camping Cooking Ideas: What to cook while camping?

While on the coast, buy fresh seafood for soup or fish to put on the grill. Soups and stews not only taste good, but they are also practical on camping holidays because there’s only a need for one pot. If you like meat, try roasting chopped meat in a pot with onions and garlic, then rice and water or broth on top, and snipping fresh vegetables in shortly before the end. A delicious rice pot is ready. Pasta with fine olive oil and garlic is an Italian classic, simple, healthy, and delicious.

The following dishes are particularly easy to conjure up:

  • Conjure up potato stew or soup with carrots and fresh herbs (e.g. thyme or rosemary)
  • Chili with or without meat (red beans with meat or soy)
  • Vegetable stir-fry with or without coconut milk
  • Omelet or scrambled eggs
  • Chickpea stew, lentil soup, or coconut and vegetable stew
  • Jacket potatoes with herb quark or fried potatoes with yogurt dip
  • Pasta dishes and spaetzle with cheese
  • One pot dishes

Tip for the camping kitchen without electricity

If you are camping without electricity and therefore without cooling facilities, it is worth taking small portions of UHT milk with you. There is no residue that needs to be cooled. Salami or other sausages keep longer when wrapped in damp towels. Butter can last for a few days in a closed container in the shade. Lots of open food will keep longer in a bucket with water and a cloth over it. Or dig the classic hole in the ground: you wouldn’t believe how cool it is.

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Fire up the grill

For most, camping isn’t camping unless there’s a campfire or BBQ. Everything that doesn’t need to be cooked can be put on the camping grill: meat skewers, chicken breasts or thighs, fish, but also peppers, courgettes, aubergines, and mushrooms. If you make a campfire, you can also use the embers to cook potatoes and aubergines wrapped in aluminum foil.

For the campfire, you should take the ingredients for stick bread, sweet and savory, and don’t forget marshmallows or sausages. For us, this is always the highlight of the day and the children spend the whole day collecting all the wood they can find.

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