Why You Should Add Kitchen Wall Décor to Inspire You While Cooking

Kitchen with decorated wall


In your life, you are in the kitchen for an average of 3 years. There are often enough cooking splashes on the wall, but have you ever thought about art in your kitchen? In a room where you are so much, it is not a crazy idea to decorate and decorate the space to your taste. And that is not necessary with boring kitchen wall decoration. For art in the kitchen, go for something unique like wall decals like the HappyWallz custom stickers which are versatile for any variety of wall finishes.

Why art in the kitchen

The kitchen is perhaps a somewhat underestimated space in the house, especially when it comes to decoration. In the living room and bedrooms you can usually find the necessary decoration, but in the kitchen walls all too often remain empty. And that’s a shame, because it may be a functional space, but isn’t it also the starting point for a lot of great memories? A kitchen is a place where so many cozy meals have been prepared, where cooking has been done together, and where blood, sweat, and tears have gone into tasty and sometimes failed dishes. A place where people learn and enjoy and where creativity is given space. And a place where we spend a surprising amount of time.

Reason enough to provide the kitchen with appropriate decoration. Photos and paintings that you normally hang in the living room or bedroom could of course. But with culinary photo art, you bring appropriate and inspiring art into your home. Art that can find its natural place in the kitchen.

Culinary photo art

Art in the kitchen stimulates your creativity. And what stimulates your culinary creativity more than culinary photo art? Angélique Schmeinck, one of only two female master chefs in the Netherlands, has managed to capture her passion for especially cooking on screen. In her unique and high-profile works, ingredients with a story, a feeling, and a unique meaning can be seen.

This form of ‘fine art photography is not an everyday wall decoration in the kitchen. These photos are a real eye-catcher and give the kitchen a unique character. Moreover, you will experience that Angélique’s passion for cooking is contagious. This culinary photo art stimulates your creativity to the maximum and will encourage you to embark on new culinary adventures in the kitchen. And because of the variety of different themes, there is a good chance that there is something in between that suits you completely.

For when you love the flavors of the sea

For example, there are the theme ‘Sea treasures’. Angélique has captured her deep fascination for the treasures from the depths of the sea in an ode to mother nature. With the photos of a unique sea treasure, an ingredient from the sea, she dives beneath the surface in narrative form. For example, there is “The Funeral”, in which shrimp in an exotic shell seem to attend a funeral. Or the beautiful blue colors in “Crown Jewels”: two Oosterschelde lobsters with a diamond in the tail. All unique photos from the Zeeschatten series have a raw look, where the colors let you almost taste the salty taste of the sea.


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For when you love the splendor and deliciousness of fruit and vegetables

In the theme “Natural grace”, fruits and vegetables that ripen on branches or hide mysteriously are seduced into a tasteful dance. The infinite wealth of shape, smell, color, and taste is captured in a photo of dancing fruit and vegetables. For example, “Temptation” lets you experience the temptation and pleasure of fresh strawberries, and with “Take carrot” the amazing color of carrots is eye-catching. In all photos, the fruit and vegetables dance or float in a colorful pallet of shape and taste. With art from the theme “Natural grace,” you bring life, movement, and seduction to the kitchen.

For when you’re not afraid to break with tradition

In the theme “Culinary modernism”, each ingredient is captured in a new, unique way. Each ingredient becomes more than it was, in shape, texture, structure color, and taste. Sometimes with a wink, as with “Tripping Shrimp”, where a shrimp gets ecstatic from a pinch of powder from a citrus peel. Sometimes inspiring, as with “Happy Cow”, where a Côte de boeuf has been given a face in a beautiful color spectacle thanks to a wig of beetroot. But always special and unique, with colors and flavors that splash off the photo. Kitchen art from the theme “culinary modernism” fits into both traditional and contemporary kitchens.

A makeover of your kitchen

Where everyday wall decoration brightens up your kitchen at most, a photo from a culinary art collection can give your kitchen a true makeover. Whether it is for your kitchen or a gift: Due to the tasteful individuality, atmosphere, and attention that your kitchen receives through art, the pleasure of cooking will increase visibly. The photos from all culinary themes are photographed and signed by master chef Angélique Schmeinck and provided with a certificate of authenticity.


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The Importance of Food Investigation For a Safe and Satisfying Meal

It is important for food establishments to conduct investigations of their own, but it is also important that they have a third party conducting the investigation such as Bournemouth private investigators. This is because it allows for a more objective review.

Inspection reports are used to ensure that restaurants and food establishments are following the law and that they are providing safe and quality foods.

An inspection report can be used as evidence in court, which can help restaurant owners defend themselves against lawsuits.

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Why Investigate Food Today?

Food safety is a big issue that needs to be addressed. With the rise of food-borne illnesses, it is more important than ever to investigate the food in order to identify and prevent potential sources of contamination.

Investigating food today means looking into the origins of ingredients and how they are handled throughout production. It also involves looking at how these foods are marketed and sold, and what information consumers should know before purchasing them.

Investigating food today can be done by analyzing government data, conducting surveys, or interviewing people who have been affected by contaminated food products.

How to Conduct a Successful Food Investigation?

Conducting a successful food investigation is not as easy as it may seem. But, with the right information and tools, it can be done.

First of all, you will need to know what your objective is in conducting the investigation. Is it to find out more about a certain food product or just to find out what people are saying about it? Once you have an idea of what you want to do, then you can start by identifying the different steps involved in conducting a successful food investigation. You will also need to consider how long the investigation will take and where you will be conducting it from.

  • Identifying your objective: What are you trying to achieve with this investigation?

  • Determining steps involved: What are the steps that are involved in conducting the investigation?

  • Determining what needs to be done: What are the steps that must be completed in order for your investigation to succeed?

  • Designing your plan: What are the steps you need to complete in order to conduct the investigation?

  • Creating a timeline: When will you start, what will you do on each day, and when will you stop?

Conclusion: Make Your Next Meal Safe and Satisfying with A Successful Food Investigation

In conclusion, food investigation is a successful way to make your next meal safe and satisfying. It is a simple and easy process that anyone can do. The key to success is having the right information about the food you are about to eat. If you have that knowledge, then you can avoid potential problems before they happen.

Food Investigation: Food or Poison?

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Healthy Cooking: Data Science Contribution In Creating a Nutrition Plan

Data Science helps people live a healthy lifestyle. Data scientists use data for all aspects of nutrition. With this, a nutrition and diet plan can be created to cater to different kinds of individuals with different goals. However, this does not mean that every recipe idea is suitable for every diet! It is all the more important that the nutrition plan and individual nutritional goals fit together.

Data Science for Food and Health

Data to create the right nutrition and diet for you

The first step is of course to become aware of your own eating style. For example, is weight loss the focus? Is it about maintaining weight? Should there be a meat-free week? Of course, all these questions must be considered in advance in order to be able to go one step further to create the nutrition plan.

Many important questions should be considered in advance to come up with varied food combinations and recipes. In the end, only those recipes that meet your goals are on your diet list.

Include snacks in your nutrition plan

One can decide which dishes to enjoy on which days. Of course, when creating a nutrition plan, it is also allowed to integrate snacks. In this way, ravenous hunger attacks can be prevented. With the right planning, you can read about the varied nutritional value of each snack recipe and adjust them to fit your goal. In this way, you can even add a cheat day into your eating plan.

When creating the nutrition plan, the following points should also be considered:

  • Eating a variety of foods is fun. Therefore, as much as possible, your selection of dishes should not be repeated several times a week to give way to new flavors and other dishes.
  • Experience has shown that seasonal foods taste particularly good so add in a dish that is especially good for the season.
  • Use an integrated nutritional value table that shows how healthy a dish is. An outline of the dish’s nutritional value is good enough.
  • The range of dishes from the different categories is usually large. Therefore, it is usually not a problem to follow a certain diet in a varied way.

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Create different diet types suitable for each member of the family

People’s culinary preferences have become more diverse. Some don’t eat meat but others love their steak. Many fish lovers also do not want to do without eating their favorite fish at least once a week.

When creating a nutrition plan for the whole family, care should be taken to ensure that nobody is left out. Perhaps it is also worth turning the planning to accommodate everyone? After all, it’s only fair if each family member can occupy a given day with their favorite recipes.


Data Science is data that nutritionists use in their field to come up with the right nutrition plan which is particularly important for people recovering from varied illnesses or for the prevention of certain diseases. Based on the corresponding data, the system suggests the appropriate dishes. Of course, these can still be changed and adapted to personal taste.

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10 Foods To Cook Using Your Car

Cooking with a car


Resourceful chefs can transform their cars into one when there’s no kitchen to be had. Don’t believe us? Here’s a sampling of otherwise ordinary foods that any auto-lover could change into an unforgettable treat. And ensure that you cook carefully! Nobody wants illness. Not to mention, don’t forget about driving properly, otherwise, you might get into road trouble and be towed by companies towing in Santa Clara.

1. Baked Potatoes

double-wrapping the potatoes in foil is what “Carbeque” expert Alfred Cary recommends. The same goes for the other food items you would possibly put on the engine. “It helps to prevent the package from splitting,
and protects food from fumes, I’ve only had one package tear open, and that’s because it had been single-wrapped,” he says.

2. Chocolate Chip Cookies

You’ll want to attend for a hot, sunny day before laying the dough out beneath your windshield. Also note that, because the video above explains, the finished product will “look paler than those baked during a conventional oven.” They’ll still taste even as good.

3. Hot Dogs

After wrapping the dogs up in aluminum foil and gently placing them under the hood, drive around for 30 to 45 minutes. Keep a watch on the engine temperature gauge, ensuring the microscopic arrow hits the halfway mark throughout.

4. Roast Beef

In 2010, British chef Tom Skyes calculated that, by cruising along for 3.5 hours at 60 mph, he’d be able to make himself a 2.5-pound joint dinner with a cooked veggie entremots. Meanwhile, his veggies were “perfectly done,” Skyes described his entrée as “rarer than some might like, but no pinker than it’d be in a very good French restaurant.”

5. Pizza

The internet loves pizza. So, naturally, some wonderfully inventive recipes have turned abreast of the worldwide web—including recipes for dashboard pizza. Making pizza this manner needs a summer scorcher, and beginners should think about employing pre-made flatbread rather than raw dough.


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6. Malformation Tortillas

You’d be hard-pressed to search out two more beloved public radio personalities than Ray Magliozzi and his late brother Tom, hosts of the hysterical show Car Talk. before whizzing off on a 20-minute trip in Tom’s ’52 MG, they chopped some zucchinis and chicken breasts. En route, lunch was warmed au fait the manifold during a crossover with restauranteur Ming Tsai on his hit TV series Simply Ming.

7. Hamburgers

Latches onto your car’s tailpipe is a prototypical, vaguely bun-shaped device called the “Exhaust Burger.” During a drive, the expelled heat will ready one burger patty. Bon appetit!

8. Salmon en Papillote

Salmon doesn’t overcook very easily—making it fine suited to any engine-based kitchen. a 40-minute cook time is what Honda Accord owners can expect.

9. Shrimp

With this party staple, recipes may be as simple or complex as desired. Here’s one that involves just 90 minutes of driving with bay leaves and lime juice.

10. Steak

To help publicize a nonprofit named Feed the youngsters, Phoenix resident Clay Villanueva recruited Arizona’s August weather. With the blessing of a knowledgeable chef, Villanueva left six steaks (plus assorted herbs and veggies) on his dashboard. Although the activist jokes that his vehicle “doesn’t have the new car smell anymore, the meal was apparently delicious.”


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