Say that you get a chance to visit Italy or perhaps, just tried out one of the famous Italian restaurants or cuisines in your city, make it a point that you try any of the mentioned dishes below. Without doing so, your dining experience in such restaurant would not be complete!

For Starters

If you’re ready, let’s begin it with Pesto alla Genovese

Just like other Italian specialties, pesto has been one of the staples in Italian meals and dishes. Truly, it has outgrown its origin from port city of Genoa.

Much like other Italian specialties, its ingredients are based on garlic, basil, sea salt, olive oil, pine nuts and parmesan.

Then we have Ribollita. Ribollita is actually the Italian word for re-boiled. This is a reference to the simple fact that in impoverished past this dish was being reheated minestrone of the past. Today however, it has an addition of stale bread as well as other inexpensive ingredients. But don’t underestimate this meal as some of the soups are actually tasty and healthy.

Care for some Desserts?

Of course, after indulging with the aforementioned meals, you probably want to get a dessert to finish it off right? What would be great than ordering a Tiramisu? This is yet another ubiquitous Italian dish. The combination of cocoa, creamy mascarpone and calorie-laden confection of coffee makes this dessert irresistible