Street Food Fresh Pasta On Wheels

A food truck that sells pasta is such an amazing delight especially so if the pasta is freshly made by hand. The Prince of Venice Food Truck, pasta on a food truck does exactly that. At the onset of the idea, there was so much research done. Yes, there are a handful of pasta trucks but none of them serve freshly made pasta. The whole concept became an amazing venture for the business as a whole.



Pasta is a lucrative business because almost everybody loves pasta.  But the competition is high especially in the street food and food truck business. Therefore, if you are going on this type of business, it would be nice to think out of the box. Making it extra special so that people will actually love your food and appreciate the way it was prepared.


Before going any further, a food truck business would require a truck or a trailer. If you don’t have the facility yet, you can always scour online resources to find exhibition trailers for sale. Exhibition trailers provide the perfect space for pasta on wheels business.



The Fastest Way To Handmake Pasta For Your Food Truck Business


Bigger Bolder Baking presents in their blog the fastest way to make homemade pasta. The process behind creating good homemade pasta is the same idea that you want to embrace if you are going into the food truck business. Below is a quick rundown on how to make handmade pasta.


The Dough


Of course, everything starts with preparing your dough. The simplest pasta you can ever make is an egg pasta considering the ingredients; flour, salt, olive oil, and eggs. If you want to add flavor to your pasta, you can always add some herbs and spices into the ingredients.


After whisking and kneading, you will want the dough to rest. Use plastic to wrap the dough loosely and let it stay at room temperature for at least 30 minutes. After resting the dough, divide it in quarters and then work with a quarter at a time. Cover the remaining with plastic so that it won’t dry out. Flatten and roll the dough as thin as possible while dusting the dough with flour every now and then.


Once you achieved the thin layer you want, slice the dough into thin strands and loosen it. Now, you are ready to cook your pasta. Sounds simple but it really takes a skilled hand to actually make the perfect pasta.


Establish a System



As with other businesses, your pasta food truck business will have to follow a system. When you have a system in place, test it and develop it where it is needed. Your system will be perfected through time. Other food truck businesses utilize a system for pre-orders. This way, customers wouldn’t have to wait long in line just to get their stomach filled. Through the internet and a really good system, customers can place their orders earlier and just pick their pasta in time without waiting in line.

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