Why You Should Add Kitchen Wall Décor to Inspire You While Cooking

Kitchen with decorated wall


In your life, you are in the kitchen for an average of 3 years. There are often enough cooking splashes on the wall, but have you ever thought about art in your kitchen? In a room where you are so much, it is not a crazy idea to decorate and decorate the space to your taste. And that is not necessary with boring kitchen wall decoration. For art in the kitchen, go for something unique like wall decals like the HappyWallz custom stickers which are versatile for any variety of wall finishes.

Why art in the kitchen

The kitchen is perhaps a somewhat underestimated space in the house, especially when it comes to decoration. In the living room and bedrooms you can usually find the necessary decoration, but in the kitchen walls all too often remain empty. And that’s a shame, because it may be a functional space, but isn’t it also the starting point for a lot of great memories? A kitchen is a place where so many cozy meals have been prepared, where cooking has been done together, and where blood, sweat, and tears have gone into tasty and sometimes failed dishes. A place where people learn and enjoy and where creativity is given space. And a place where we spend a surprising amount of time.

Reason enough to provide the kitchen with appropriate decoration. Photos and paintings that you normally hang in the living room or bedroom could of course. But with culinary photo art, you bring appropriate and inspiring art into your home. Art that can find its natural place in the kitchen.

Culinary photo art

Art in the kitchen stimulates your creativity. And what stimulates your culinary creativity more than culinary photo art? Angélique Schmeinck, one of only two female master chefs in the Netherlands, has managed to capture her passion for especially cooking on screen. In her unique and high-profile works, ingredients with a story, a feeling, and a unique meaning can be seen.

This form of ‘fine art photography is not an everyday wall decoration in the kitchen. These photos are a real eye-catcher and give the kitchen a unique character. Moreover, you will experience that Angélique’s passion for cooking is contagious. This culinary photo art stimulates your creativity to the maximum and will encourage you to embark on new culinary adventures in the kitchen. And because of the variety of different themes, there is a good chance that there is something in between that suits you completely.

For when you love the flavors of the sea

For example, there are the theme ‘Sea treasures’. Angélique has captured her deep fascination for the treasures from the depths of the sea in an ode to mother nature. With the photos of a unique sea treasure, an ingredient from the sea, she dives beneath the surface in narrative form. For example, there is “The Funeral”, in which shrimp in an exotic shell seem to attend a funeral. Or the beautiful blue colors in “Crown Jewels”: two Oosterschelde lobsters with a diamond in the tail. All unique photos from the Zeeschatten series have a raw look, where the colors let you almost taste the salty taste of the sea.


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For when you love the splendor and deliciousness of fruit and vegetables

In the theme “Natural grace”, fruits and vegetables that ripen on branches or hide mysteriously are seduced into a tasteful dance. The infinite wealth of shape, smell, color, and taste is captured in a photo of dancing fruit and vegetables. For example, “Temptation” lets you experience the temptation and pleasure of fresh strawberries, and with “Take carrot” the amazing color of carrots is eye-catching. In all photos, the fruit and vegetables dance or float in a colorful pallet of shape and taste. With art from the theme “Natural grace,” you bring life, movement, and seduction to the kitchen.

For when you’re not afraid to break with tradition

In the theme “Culinary modernism”, each ingredient is captured in a new, unique way. Each ingredient becomes more than it was, in shape, texture, structure color, and taste. Sometimes with a wink, as with “Tripping Shrimp”, where a shrimp gets ecstatic from a pinch of powder from a citrus peel. Sometimes inspiring, as with “Happy Cow”, where a Côte de boeuf has been given a face in a beautiful color spectacle thanks to a wig of beetroot. But always special and unique, with colors and flavors that splash off the photo. Kitchen art from the theme “culinary modernism” fits into both traditional and contemporary kitchens.

A makeover of your kitchen

Where everyday wall decoration brightens up your kitchen at most, a photo from a culinary art collection can give your kitchen a true makeover. Whether it is for your kitchen or a gift: Due to the tasteful individuality, atmosphere, and attention that your kitchen receives through art, the pleasure of cooking will increase visibly. The photos from all culinary themes are photographed and signed by master chef Angélique Schmeinck and provided with a certificate of authenticity.