Surviving Minecraft Servers Survival With Minecraft Food

One of the primary game mode in Minecraft is Survival. In this gameplay, the player can receive damage which decreases their health bar. Health is lost when damage is received from the environment, like freezing, suffocation, or falling, and damage from attacking mobs. The health meter of the player goes down by ½ heart and when the health meter reaches zero, the player dies in the game.

Survival Multiplayer On Minecraft Servers Survival

By default, the mode of gameplay of Minecraft is Single-player Survival which may be played online or offline. When playing offline, you need to have played the game online at least once so as to allow the files of the games to be downloaded or copied onto your device.

Multiplayer Survival is also possible by joining Minecraft servers survival. Once connected, these servers enable players to interact with other players, play against each other or work together so as to reach their Survival goals. Minecraft servers could be public where anyone can join or private where only those who are invited can join. Regardless of which Minecraft servers survival a player joins, the main objective for both is to survive.

Gather and Craft Food To Survive Minecraft Servers Survival

When it comes to Survival mode, food is an essential as it maintains the health of your character, keeps your character alive, and also averts exhaustion. The great thing is that just about all kinds of food in the game can restore health and hunger in varied levels. Another good thing is that different kinds of food can be taken from various animals and found in different biomes. When cooked, the food is improved and provide more health restoration points when eaten.

Before you could even cook, you first need to gather all the necessary resources in order to cook a recipe. So to survive, you should know where and how to acquire food. Some are easy to find whereas others aren’t. So, it’s best to start with easy-to-find and easy-to-craft foods, especially when you are still starting. That being said, here are the different foods in Minecraft to restore your health and survive any Minecraft Servers Survival.

  • Raw Beef or Porkchop. You receive 1 to 3 units of raw beef when you kill a cow and raw porkchop when you kill a pig. Food restores health more effectively when cooked in a furnace.
  • Cooked Steak or Porkchop. Cooking raw meat in a furnace gives you a 4-unit worth of food item.
  • Raw Chicken. Raw chicken should be avoided as each time you consume an item of raw chicken, the possibility of getting food poisoning is 30%, which drains your Hunger bar.
  • Cooked Chicken. Cooking raw chicken in a furnace provides 3 food units.
  • Mushroom Stew. Restores 3 food units and a bowl of mushroom stew takes up one space in your inventory.
  • Bread. Acquire a wheat farm and craft a reliable food source.
  • Cookies. Crafted from wheat combined with cocoa beans. While mass producing cooking is possible, 1 cookie only restores 1 unit of health.
  • Carrots. Carrots are incidentally obtained when you explore villages or kill zombies. A carrot gives 2 food units.
  • Raw Potatoes. Raw potatoes are found incidentally as well; however they are not useful.
  • Baked Potatoes. Raw potatoes cooked in a furnace turns it into baked potatoes which is 3 food units.
  • Melon Slice. They can be effectively mass-produced and provide 1 food unit.
  • Red Apple. They fall from trees that are destroyed and yield 2 food units.
  • Golden Apple. Crafted from gold nuggets, this kind of golden apple yields 2 food units, boosts health and lessens hunger. The second kind is crafted from gold blocks and gives rapid regeneration for 30 seconds, resistance and resistance to fire for 5 minutes.
  • Raw Fish. Replenishes the Hunger bar for only a tiny portion.
  • Cooked Fish. When raw fish is cooked in a furnace, you get 2 ½ food units.
  • Pumpkin Pie. Crafted from eggs which are littered by chickens, sugar taken from lakeside reeds, and pumpkins; yields 4 food units.
  • Cake. Crafted from 3 milk buckets, 2 sugar lumps, 3 wheat units, and an egg. Place on the ground to eat. Restores 1 food. Good for 6 uses only.
  • Spider Eye. Acquired from spiders and can poison you as a side effect. Mainly used for brewing potions.
  • Salmon. Acquired through fishing. Good for consumption of taming ocelots.
  • Cooked Salmon. Triple your hunger points by cooking salmon in a furnace.
  • Poison Potato. Replenishes 2 hunger points however has a 60% possibility of poisoning the one who eats it for 4 seconds.
  • Mutton. Obtain 1 to 2 mutton by killing sheep and when eaten raw provides 2 hunger units.
  • Cooked Mutton. Cooked taw mutton in a furnace and get 6 hunger points.
  • Rabbit. Get 0 to 1 rabbit meat when you kill one. Provides 3 hunger points when eaten raw. When cooked, provides 5 hunger points.
  • Rabbit Stew. Crafted with a bowl, baked potato, carrot, mushroom, and cooked rabbit meat. Replenishes an amazing 10 hunger points.

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